Terumo Medical Corporation (TMC) has established a comprehensive Quality Management System that integrates compliance with applicable global quality systems standards and regulations.

TMC’s Quality System is specifically intended for the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of medical devices and the Quality System is certified to demonstrate compliance with applicable global quality systems standards and regulations.  These certifications enable TMC to maintain valid Canadian medical device licenses and label our products with the CE mark.

Copies of these certificates can be obtained by contacting the email address QAuser@terumomedical.com

While TMC’s Quality System has been certified to be in compliance with these international standards and regulations since 1995, significant time and effort continues to be invested every day to implement improvements that are identified. As stated in our Quality Policy, it is our goal, as a supplier of medical devices, to provide products that are safe and effective, meet all government regulations, and satisfy our customers. We recognize that these needs are constantly changing, and we are determined to be appropriately responsive in order to provide our customers with the best product to do the job right.